What you need to know

Self harm is when you hurt or harm yourself on purpose. There are many ways people self harm including cutting, burning, banging or scratching your body or taking poisonous substances. Taking a drug overdose is also a form of self harm and can have a serious effect on your health.

Everyone has their own reasons for self harming, but it may be because you find it difficult to cope with the situation you are in or managing your moods. Self harm is always a sign that something is wrong. However, it doesn’t always mean you have a mental health condition. If you self harm it doesn't mean you want to end your life.

  • Talk to someone you trust about how you feel
  • Getting help will make you realise you're not alone
  • Professional help from a school nurse or specialist mental health practitioner will explore other ways of expressing yourself
  • If you have seriously injured yourself you will need to go to hospital to treat your physical injuries

For further information there are many resources and apps that are available. These include: