What you need to know

Bullying can happen in a number of different ways and all of these ways can have a huge impact on somebody's life.
Different types of bullying include:

  • Verbal e.g. name calling/ spreading rumours
  • Physical e.g. assault
  • Excluding people
  • Manipulating others against someone
  • Cyber bullying

Bullying is really difficult to deal with so it's important you tell somebody if you feel you are being bullied.

  • Keep a record of incidences of bullying e.g who was present/ where it was
  • Be sure to take screen shots and save messages if you feel you're being cyber bullied
  • If the behaviour is significant consider informing the police, some bullying/abusive behaviour is a criminal offense
  • Don't fight back/retaliate to the bullying, this could lead to you getting into trouble
  • Block bullies on your mobile or social media
  • Don't share your online details with people you don't know or trust
  • Keep your privacy settings high
  • If your friend is being bullied be a good support for them
  • Try and keep a wide variety of friends
  • Tell your parents/carers, teachers and other professionals, such as school nurses, for support

For more help and support on bullying please see below: