Our children’s services teams are here to support you and your family. Your midwife will let the health visitor in your local area know that you are pregnant and the date your baby is due.

Health visitor visits

Between 28 and 36 weeks your named health visitor will arrange to visit you at your home to talk about:

  • Role of the health visitor and the Healthy Child Programme
  • Preparing for your baby’s arrival 
  • Preparing for parenthood and becoming a family 
  • Preparing other children in your family for baby’s arrival 
  • Looking after your new born baby 
  • Choosing how to feed your baby
  • Getting to know your baby – understanding your baby’s cues and communicating with your baby
  • Baby brain development and social interaction
  • Safe sleep and reducing the risk of cot death
  • Your emotional wellbeing and changes in your relationship
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Safety in the home 

Dads or partners are welcome and encouraged to be present at the visit.

If at the visit you and the health visitor agree further support is required they will arrange a further contact. If you do not require further support you will see your health visitor again after your baby has been born, usually when your baby is between 10 and 14 days old.